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Introduction to Competitive Advantage

Create Content That Differentiates

Competitive Advantage 101 Virtual Seminar – December 9, 2021

Learn how to quickly find differentiation you already have!

Maximize your sales/marketing investments with true value proposition messages.

Smart Advantage is the only company focused exclusively on helping organizations uncover and communicate their unleveraged competitive advantages.

Our consultants will show you what is, and is not, a differentiator. You learn to distinguish between strengths and true differentiation. The seminar will focus on the components that create a competitive advantage. You drill down on the value-add your organization delivers and how it relates to your customer buying values. You will learn the significance of aligning operational performance and metrics, and the criteria for a competitive advantage statement.

This virtual seminar is taught with exercises designed to reinforce main concepts, and to identify your newly discovered competitive advantage statements. Upon completion of the seminar, you will have developed the basis for more effective communication to customers (retention) and prospects (recruiting).

Attendees will receive a copy of Creating Competitive Advantage, by Jaynie L. Smith. This book has been the foundation for our work on competitive advantage and is in its 19th printing. It is still in the top 1% of all the books sold by Amazon.

Whether you are in sales, marketing, or website and/or social media content development, this is a must seminar.

Here’s why:

  • Most content used in marketing and sales is not compelling. Communicating your competitive advantages changes this. “Their use of data to drive home competitive advantage statements was a big differentiator and create a lot of value.” CEO, major wire manufacturer
  • When you sound like competitors, you are likely under increased pressure to lower your price. Find out how to stop caving in on price to gain new business. “I have never, ever received a presentation that has pricked so much inspiration. You mention the AHA moments, well, I found lots during your presentation.” Chairman, American Foundry Society
  • When your messaging can differentiate your organization, sales close more quickly without sacrificing margins. 91.7% of our clients said they have increased revenues and/or margins.
  • Connect with competitive advantage instructor experts, who have worked with scores of industries, and companies of all sizes, nationally and internationally. “Clear, well-articulated & simple process. Flawlessly executed! (Execution is everything!).” CEO, U.K.’s largest floral products distributor


We encourage you to meet our instructors, Craig Mowrey and Brian Neff.


We are delighted you wish to attend Competitive Advantage 101 on December 9 from 9:00-11:30 a.m. E.S.T. The fee for this virtual seminar is $750/attendee (up to 3 attendees per organization).


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