TV Appearances

Jaynie L. Smith and Smart Advantage in the Media

Jaynie L. Smith, the President of Smart Advantage, has been interviewed several times on major networks regarding the work of Competitive Advantage. Watch a few interviews to see how Jaynie discusses the power of having & developing Competitive Advantages for your company.

“Defining Competitive Advantages” – ABC World News This Morning

Jaynie goes into detail about how businesses should go about defining their Competitive Advantages, in order to answer the question “Why Us?”

“How to Create Competitive Advantage” –

Jaynie discusses how companies’ sales people must answer the question “Why Us?” without their main focus being on price. Arming your sales people with competitive advantages will be the key differentiator against competitors.

“Small Business Survival Tips” – MSNBC

Jaynie gives business tips from her book, Creating Competitive Advantage – Give Customers a Reason to Choose You Over Your Competitors.

“Knowing your Competitive Advantages is Key” – CLTV Your Money

Jaynie discusses strategies on how to differentiate yourself from your competitors by touting your Competitive Advantages.