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Proprietary Competitive Advantage Process

This process provides a blueprint for strategic planning, identifies resource allocation priorities, and functions as the backbone of a sales and marketing plan that effectively communicates why customers should buy from you rather than your competition. Over 200 companies have employed our process to learn what is most relevant to their customers and prospects – the only reason they’re in business. The incorporated market research methods provide statistically valid survey results that are purged of bias, ensuring that decisions makers can align future business endeavors with 90% confidence.


Supporting Smart Advantage Client Case Study

U.K. client overhauled operational processes to align with customer needs as designed by outcomes of Smart Advantage Process and research.
(See Relevant Selling – Mila UK)

Award-winning gourmet grocer saved considerable resources when deciding not to investheavily to improve their online ordering process after Smart Advantage Process results revealed that online ordering ranked nearly last on their list of buying criteria.
(See Relevant Selling – Straub’s Fine Grocers)