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For nearly 20 years organizations have contacted Smart Advantage when they realize they need to do a better job at differentiation.

Smart Advantage was founded by Jaynie L. Smith, and has grown since the release of Creating Competitive Advantage.   Creating Competitive Advantage outlines the rewarding effects for organizations who effectively differentiate themselves to their buyers by focusing their messaging and operational excellence on competitive advantages.  Smart Advantage has grown to include a number of presenters, consultants, and market research experts.

Since the book’s release in 2006, Smart Advantage has applied its methodology to help organizations 1) uncover potential differentiators; 2) learn what buyers value most when choosing a supplier; 3) align organizations to those buying values; and 4) effectively communicate (prove) based on attributes buyers most value.

It doesn’t matter your industry, the competitive advantage process applies to any organization who competes for customers, and doesn’t always win.  Smart Advantage has worked with hundreds of organizations across all types of industries (see list of clients).  Whether your interest is:

·         Better stating why someone should work with, or buy from you

·         Stopping the race to the bottom of lowering prices to gain new business

·         Understanding what really guides customer and prospect buying decisions

·         Strategically investing in operational performance that will bring value to your customers and prospects

·         Aligning operational output with your sales and marketing messaging

·         Creating a consistent message across all sales/marketing platforms that meaningfully defines your brand

Smart Advantage exists to better position your organization for today and the future.  Our clients results include:

·         91.7% have increased sales or margins

·         86.4% started measuring something new in operations they hadn’t measured previously

·         75% said their operational performance improved

All as a result of working with Smart Advantage.

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