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Differentiating Companies with Relevant Competitive Advantages

Smart Advantage is the only sales, marketing and management consultancy focused exclusively on identifying and communicating the most important element of successful competition - your measured competitive advantage - from your customer’s perspective. Why from the customer's perspective? Because if your customer’s don't value your differentiators, then they are not relevant.


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  • Relevant Selling is a solid business book that every company can benefit from. From the first chapter you will nod your head and say “yes” that is what we need to do in order to resonate with our customers! Jaynie’s writing style is a terrific combination of practical ideas and examples which are plentiful and meaningful. You will definitely use Relevant Selling as a reference book for decades to come as it forces every business to evaluate their point of differential which can only be a benefit in the current and future economic environment.

    Merrill Dubrow

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  • Don’t Know What You Don’t Know?

    posted on August 10th, 2020 | Blog

    We all know the dangers of assuming.  We all know the peril of projecting.  Yet businesspeople at all levels of an organization do it frequently.  Some such actions are more hazardous than others.  As we work with businesses of all sizes and industries, we have picked out a few assumptions – myths, actually – that read more

  • Act or Wait? That is the question.

    posted on June 26th, 2020 | Blog

    We have all learned in the last few months that not only is “change inevitable” but it is astonishingly unpredictable. Forecast Covid anyone? Did your business plan take that into account?   Businesses all over the country, of all sizes have had two basic outcomes from Covid implications: It was either “good for my business read more

  • Are Your KPIs “K” to Your Customers?

    posted on June 1st, 2020 | Blog

    When a salesperson tells you they will deliver “on time,” how much confidence does that give you in your buying decision?  Do you know what that really means?   Do you sell that way also?  Sometimes when you can prove that you have had a high on time delivery rate in the past, it may minimize read more