Follow-up Sales Training

Increase Close Rates by Training Sales Team in Competitive Advantage Selling

The Smart Advantage  Full Process helps your company “talk the talk” by aligning your marketing message to reflect your company’s key competitive advantages. Make the most out of your marketing investment by training new sales force and key employees to understand, articulate and embrace your company’s competitive advantage selling efforts. Centering sales efforts on competitive advantages will close more sales at higher margins, and outmaneuver your competition.

Follow-up Sales Training is intended for past Full Process or Remote Consulting clients that wish to train new personnel in company-specific competitive advantage selling methods.

Smart Advantage Sales Training shows your sales force how to:

  • Capitalize on your company’s competitive advantages in every selling opportunity.
  • Minimize the need to compete on price.
  • Ensure that all employees know how to communicate your competitive advantages to customers.

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    Smart Advantage is the only marketing and management consultancy focused exclusively on identifying and communicating the most important element of successful competition – your competitive advantage – from your target market’s perspective. Why from the customer perspective? Because if your clients don’t value your differentiators, then they are not relevant.
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