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with Jaynie L. Smith

Jaynie L. Smith and Smart Advantage in the Media

“Business Recession-Proof Tips” – ABC World News

“Are the Recent Airline Mergers Bad for the Airline Industry?”- First Business

Are CEOs Clueless?”- First BusinessJaynie speaks with Beejal Patel about her clients’ findings in double-blind market research. The research Smart Advantage has conducted indicates that companies, including the executives, do not understand what their customers and prospects truly value. They are continually marketing ABC, when their consumers really want DEF.

Jaynie L. Smith, competitive advantage expert, discusses how the recent merger between Continental and United Airlines might not be a good decision for the Air Travel Industry. In this segment, Smith answers the following questions: What are the Pitfalls for the New Merged Airlines? Will the mergers result in better competitive advantage for the new combined companies? Will customers reap the benefits, or rue the day the mergers took place?

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