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Smart Advantage offers individuals and companies the opportunity to formally become Smart Advantage certified.  There are two levels of ACE (Advantage Consultant Expert) certification:

Workshop ACE – this certification trains you to deliver the Smart Advantage workshop providing presentation PP, tools, exercises and  case studies.  Workshop certification will allow you to bring the competitive advantage process to your clients.  This is especially critical to consultants who already consult with a broad range of organizations and are looking for a new tool/process to help your clients grow their businesses.

Competitive Advantage ACE – This level of certification is for individuals and organizations that want to integrate or represent the full competitive advantage process.  This includes training on market research, statement alignment, operational data management, and implementation in marketing and sales, including the Smart Advantage Tripod of communication.

Consulting firm Certification –  gives organizations the ability to certify several consultants within one organization.  This certification is your secret weapon for your own differentiation.

Minimum Requirements:

1.    A minimum of 10 years’ senior management experience in business and/or consulting
2.    Business degree and MBA a plus
3.    4 References from prior clients within the last 18 months
4.    A minimum of two (2) clients (mid-market, min. $30 M revenue and/or Enterprise level) who will engage a Smart Advantage  paid workshop so training will occur real time.  (Fee for the workshop will be split evenly) SA process is experiential and must include OTJ training with your actual clients
5.    To maintain certification, you must deliver a minimum of 4 workshops/year and be audited at least once.

Once you have met the certification requirements, SAI provides ongoing support.  This includes:

·         Rights for 5 years
·         Brand awareness
·         Annual re-training, as needed
·         Periodic updates of materials
·         New product/service additions

For further information, please contact Smart Advantage by phone, or complete the form below.

Smart Advantage welcomes the opportunity to enlist exceptional talent. If you are interested in partnering with Smart Advantage, Inc., please contact us at (954) 763-5757 to set up time to speak to one of our senior consultants.