Competitive Advantage Consulting Services

Smart Advantage Aligns What You Deliver With What Your Market Demands

We craft your competitive advantages that effectively answer the key customer question: “Why should I do business with you, instead of your competition?

  • Achieve sustainable profits that exceed the average for your industry – in any economy.
  • Attract and retain customers without resorting to price wars.
  • Go beyond the “blah, blah, blah” sales pitches of your competitors and create a compelling, authentic marketing message that resonates with your customers.

Have you ever asked…

“How do we differentiate ourselves from our competition?”
Competitive advantages communicate value over price, ensuring that your sales and marketing efforts avoid commoditization of your product or service.

“What would I say to customers and prospects if I knew what they wanted to hear?”
Our double-blind market research process eliminates bias from the results of your customized questionnaire. This ensures that, with 90% confidence, you know what is most important to your customers and prospects, before engaging in any sales or marketing encounter.

“What would our margins look like if price was not the deciding factor when closing a sale?”
New marketing and sales content that targets your markets top buying criteria builds confidence and removes risk in the buying decision; this minimizes the need to compete on price, closing additional deals at higher margins.