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Virtual Meetings

In Person or Virtual Delivery – Same Process

Virtual Meetings

Smart Advantage has delivered its sessions (workshops, keynotes, research reviews) virtually if this is preferred over in-person meetings.  This has included multiple keynote deliveries to conferences with 100+ attendees, competitive advantage workshops, and review sessions with internal champions on statement development.

Virtual sessions have been particularly helpful to smaller companies with a limited number of company leaders. 

Smart Advantage has worked with many common platforms (Zoom, Teams, Chime, GoToMeeting, etc.), and can provide the same delivery, content, and material as in-person sessions.    Workshops are delivered in much the same way as in-person sessions with team exercises and breakout sessions for brainstorming and crafting of competitive advantage content.  Two Smart Advantage consultants guide each session from different locations, which assures minimal interruption should there be technical difficulties in one consultant’s location.

Your takeaway from a virtual session is the same as in-person – a new way of thinking about and communicating your competitive advantages.

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