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Why Us?

A Competitive Advantage Is The Reason You’re In Business

When Smart Advantage asked over 5,000 C-Suite executives of companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 100, “What is your Competitive Advantage?” – Over 90% were only able to offer a vague generality. We guarantee you will not be part of this 90% after you engage the Smart Advantage process.

Countless marketing firms and consultants claim they will position your company to succeed. Whether it is via creating a brand image, detailing a marketing plan or providing a creative strategy, most don’t take into account the perception that matters most. Smart Advantage is the only sales and management consultancy that focuses solely on the most influential element of sales & marketing to customers and prospects: your company’s relevant competitive advantages.

  • Smart Advantage exclusive services differentiate clients from competition by defining competitive advantages from the customer perspective.
  • Over 200 companies in the last 10 years have learned to increase market share by selling value over price.
  • Our proprietary double-blind market research process guarantees a 90% confidence level and bias-free results, ensuring that your new content targets your markets most relevant buying criteria.
  • Training and hands-on implementation has repeatedly lead clients to increase margins by an average of 5-10% within one year of completing our process; generally the most significant ROI earned by a marketing investment.

[source=”Warren Buffet] “Powerful competitive advantages… create a moat around a  business such that it can keep competitors at bay and reap extraordinary growth and profits.”