Not going to conferences, trade shows, visiting customers? Make a difference now for when you resume business as usual.
Smart Advantage can help you find your differentiators and competitive advantages remotely.
You never have to leave your office; we don’t have to come on site! Make this worldwide Down Time pay off for your company. Arm your sales team with ammunition to recover quickly from any losses experienced in the slow down.
All you need is a phone and a computer, working from work or home. We can have up to 6 of your staff on a call and do a “remote workshop.” You will come away with:
·      A better understanding of what is and is not a meaningful differentiator
·      A process for uncovering and finding differentiators you didn’t know you had
·      The tools for conveying new messages that set you apart from your competition
·      An opportunity to minimize price as an issue in your sales encounters
In addition, for those who want to move from differentiation to a competitive advantage-based value proposition, we will design and conduct blind research of your clients and prospects to learn what they most want from you (or from your competitor!) when making a buying decision. You will learn what must be measured; we will help you analyze and validate your company’s relevant metrics to complete the messaging.  Also, you will get recommendations for targeted competitive advantage marketing and sales messaging.
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