Vistage Florida recently established a Chair Emeritus program to recognize those Chairs who have upheld and promoted Vistage standards for excellence through years of chairing groups, and thus made a significant contribution to the organization.

She had been previously honored by Vistage International as being one of the 50 most influential people in Vistage’s first 50 years.  She was a Chair for over 28 years, and made her mark being the first female Chair in the Vistage International community.

Jaynie helped mentor a generation of Vistage Chairs in Florida and across the U.S.  She is also a long time Vistage speaker who has presented to more than 500 Vistage CEO groups, in addition to keynote presenting to scores of business associations and sales organizations.  As president and CEO of her own consulting firm, Jaynie was one of a very few people, of any gender, who was simultaneously a Vistage member, and Vistage chair, and a Vistage speaker.

She continues to partner with Vistage Chairs by speaking to their CEO groups on the value of communicating competitive advantages. 

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