You Have the Wrong Number! Strategic Differentiation is at Risk

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Some businesses have more measurements, controls, and processes than NASA. Others have virtually none.  In my 30 years’ experience working very closely with hundreds of companies of all sizes, I have seen only a handful with metrics that are aligned with the highest buying criteria of their customers and prospects.  Strategic differentiation depends on having read more

Differentiation Strategy in 2020

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Submitted by: Jaynie L. Smith, CEO, Smart Advantage, Inc. You Have the Wrong Number! Your Differentiation Strategy is at Risk It sometimes seems that many businesses have more measurements, controls, and processes than NASA. Others have virtually none. In my 30 years’ experience working very closely with hundreds of companies of all sizes, I have read more

Don’t Know What You Don’t Know?

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We all know the dangers of assuming. We all know the peril of projecting. Yet businesspeople at all levels of an organization do it frequently. Some such actions are more hazardous than others. As we work with businesses of all sizes and industries, we have picked out a few assumptions – myths, actually – that we see often. You might read more

Act or Wait? That is the question.

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We have all learned in the last few months that not only is “change inevitable” but it is astonishingly unpredictable. Forecast Covid anyone? Did your business plan take that into account?   Businesses all over the country, of all sizes have had two basic outcomes from Covid implications: It was either “good for my business read more

Are Your KPIs “K” to Your Customers?

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When a salesperson tells you they will deliver “on time,” how much confidence does that give you in your buying decision?  Do you know what that really means?   Do you sell that way also?  Sometimes when you can prove that you have had a high on time delivery rate in the past, it may minimize read more

How will this economic recovery differ from 2008?

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Both the 2008 recession and this pandemic were economic and business destroyers but for quite different reasons.  How will those differences impact us going forward?   On September 29, 2008, the Dow Jones dropped 777 points.  We were all shocked.  Today that kind of drop seems like an everyday occurrence with an equally shocking bounce read more

Disruption and the Speed of Change

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This present virus disrupter may be the right time to think about the future.   The question many pose today is this, what will the next disrupter be to impact your industry?  For business owners and leaders, that’s the wrong question.  Better to ask what you might do differently so that your business will be read more

Business down? Add Lemonade!

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Not going to conferences, trade shows, visiting customers? Make a difference now for when you resume business as usual. Smart Advantage can help you find your differentiators and competitive advantages remotely. You never have to leave your office; we don’t have to come on site! Make this worldwide Down Time pay off for your company. Arm your sales read more

Get Your Story Straight, and above all, Consistent!

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After reviewing the marketing and sales messages for hundreds of companies, one thing has become glaringly obvious:  there is little or no consistency in the messaging from any one company.   Often messages are drowning with clichés.  Clichés that are replicated on the websites of their nearest competitors.  No one stands out, everyone is generally read more

Are you killing the goose?

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I am beginning to think that if we answered every single customer satisfaction survey we got after virtually each purchase, we would have to give up all our discretionary time to provide feedback to companies.  You get a survey after you stay in a hotel, fly on a plane, order flowers, buy anything online, make read more