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Make Relevant Organizational Changes

95% Get it Wrong!

Every company has strengths, and it’s common to feature those strengths in marketing and sales.  But what if buyers value something different?

The Smart Advantage process incorporates market research of prospects and customers to learn what most influences buying decisions.  Our clients often learn that what they’ve been touting sometimes doesn’t rate highly as a buying criteria.  In fact, we’ve learned that 95% of companies are wrong when asked to guess what buyers value most.  But that’s only half the story.

Once companies learn what buyers value most, 85% admit they don’t internally measure their own performance to those top rated attributes.  That’s a huge missed opportunity.  Lack of alignment between what you offer and what buyers want makes it challenging to get new business without having to constantly lower your prices.  The best way to get that alignment is to measure your internal performance.  Smart Advantage guides its clients through this process.

It’s a common theme in business that ‘what gets measured is what gets done.’  Your organization can better position itself for sales or margin growth when measuring (and performing) to what buyers value.  

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