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Craig Mowrey

About Craig Mowrey

Craig Mowrey has presented Competitive Advantage workshops in the United States, Canada and Europe, to over 150 companies, from startups to Fortune 100.

  • Presented Competitive Advantage workshops to Associated General Contractors of America, Roofing Contractors Association, and numerous companies in the construction industry.
  • Smart Advantage’s Voice of Customer Expert: designed and interpreted results for over 60 market research projects
  • Consulted nationally and internationally for over 35 years
  • Consulted to over 400 business owners in the food industry
  • One of only two consultants selected by Florida Power & Light Group (FPL) to present to the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), resulting in the first International Deming prize
  • Consulted on behalf of Westinghouse to develop and improve nuclear programs in Asia, South America, Europe, and in 16 US states
  • Designed over 50 training programs, for industries ranging from nuclear energy to agriculture to manufacturing
  • His non-classified education is in nuclear engineering and occupational education from Ohio University, the State University of New York, and Southern Illinois University
  • Veteran of the U.S. Navy where much of his training and education is still classified

Craig in Action