Jaynie L. Smith announces the release of an Audio Book version of her best-selling business book Creating Competitive Advantage. The 228-page, 10-chapter book, published by Doubleday, now comes in an author-narrated digital format, as a set of five compact discs.

Creating Competitive Advantage continues to be among the top 1% of all books sold on amazon.com and bn.com. It is now in its 16th printing since 2006, and foreign rights to the book have been sold in China, India, Korea, Turkey, UK, and Croatia.

Jaynie L. Smith and her competitive advantage message were recently featured in the September issue of the magazine Bottom Line Personal. She also can be heard frequently on business radio and television interviews as an expert of how companies can uncover and market their competitive advantages to improve their profit margins.

The audio book featuring Ms. Smith’s reading of Creating Competitive Advantage can be purchased directly from the website www.smartadvantage.com. Jaynie L. Smith is the founder and President of Smart Advantage. Smart Advantage assists companies and organizations in implementing the proprietary competitive advantage process based on Ms. Smith’s book.

About Smart Advantage, Inc.

Smart Advantage, Inc. is a consultancy founded by Jaynie L. Smith, author of the best-selling business bookCreating Competitive Advantage (Doubleday, 2006). Based on more than 20 years experience with Fortune 500 companies and over 30,000 hours of CEO coaching, Ms. Smith outlines a process for companies to understand, uncover, define, research, and edit their competitive advantages. Smart Advantage has refined, expanded, and licensed this process and consults with companies from Fortune 500 to mid-size and small firms. To learn more, visit Smart Advantage at http://smartadvantage.com

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