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Whether your marketing strategy requires message development, market research, or both, we work with your team to increase measurable bottom-line contributions by effectively conveying the value your company offers. We uncover, craft, design and alignunique compet­itive advantage statements which help re­move risk, build confidence, and minimize price as an issue in the buying decision.

Consider these options:

Do you know your market, but have a poor message?
Onsite Workshops: Onsite workshops facilitate teamwork and excitement by allowing your team to work together to create the foundation of a new message. Provide the ammunition and confidence to close more deals at higher margins by uncovering differentiators you have not previously touted.

Are you interested in discovering what is most important to your market(s)?
Remote Consulting:  Stop guessing what your buyers consider when making the purchasing decision. Work remotely, for up to 6 months, with one of our senior consultants to conduct market research and link new messaging to your research results.

Do you need help defining your value and target market’s needs?
Smart Advantage Full Engagement: Companies that elect the Full Process commit to a twelve-month progression that leads to competitive advantages based on what customers and prospects value most.

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