About the Author

About Jaynie L. Smith

Best Selling Author Jaynie L. Smith

Jaynie L. Smith is an awarding winning corporate consultant, speaker, CEO and best-selling business book author. Jaynie called on her 30+ years of professional experience, research, and revolutionary business processes to author companion books: Creating Competitive Advantage, Relevant Selling.
The content of her keynote presentations, as well as the framework for Smart Advantage’s workshops and consulting processes, are all based off the knowledge collected and published in her set of books.

Best-Selling Author

  • Author of Creating Competitive Advantage, now in its 19th printing and ranking in the top 1% of all books sold on Amazon.com.
  • Her second book, Relevant Selling was released in April 2012 and is now in its third printing
  • Featured author for Hudson Airport & New York City’s Penn Station News book sellers


Internationally-Recognized Keynote Speaker

  • Kicks off sales conferences, association meetings and corporate
  • Selected by an international organization of more than 16,000 business leaders worldwide, as one of the 50 most influential people of their first 50 years

CEO & President of Smart Advantage, Inc.

  • Developed a unique process which utilizes market research to uncover target market needs and then aligns marketing, sales and operational efforts to all meet those needs
  • A sales and management consultancy which specifically focuses on differentiation of clients by uncovering and touting competitive advantages
  • Regularly leads clients to increase revenues and sales close rates by 10-40% within the first year of completing their process.
  • Engaged with more than 200 companies in recent years, both nationally and internationally, on selling value over price using relevant competitive advantages

Award-Winning Consultant

  • Received 15 CEO Coaching Top Performer Awards
  • Appeared on FoxBusiness.com, FoxNews.com, ABC World News This Morning, MSNBC, WGN, KOMO (ABC Seattle), WFLD (FoxChicago), etc.
  • Featured in Entrepreneur, Industry Week, Investor’s Business Daily, NY Enterprise Report, Business Strategies Magazine, Sales and Service Excellence<, Profit Magazine, New York Times, PGA Magazine, Whole Foods Magazine and over 60 other publications
  • Contributing Business Expert Columnist to Affluent Magazine