ROI Calculator Results

Because of the additional variable cost on the 10% increase in revenue, the profit that drops to the bottom line on the incremental sales will be $0.00 .

What would you be willing to invest for an additional profit of $0.00?

Smart Advantage, Inc. is a marketing & sales consulting firm that works with companies to identify and communicate their Competitive Advantages within their marketing and sales message. If your company's message is devoid of Competitive Advantages, then you are likely leaving sales on the table.

Contact us to discuss your company's ROI based off of the 10% increase in revenue that you could receive after going through our competitive advantage process.

* 10% increase in revenue is based off of the expected rate of return after going through the Smart Advantage Full Process. This is not a guarantee, but can be expected if your company follows through with incorporating your competitive advantages throughout the content of all marketing and sales efforts. Also, many companies have experienced considerably higher returns, as much as 100% increase in revenue.

** This number is based off of the assumption that your fixed cost would not increase due to the additional revenue. However, if you feel your fixed cost would increase based off of the additional revenue (new office space, more brick and mortar stores, etc.) it would change the calculation.