Competitive Advantage Quarterly Reviews

Maximize the Potential of Your Consulting Services

The Smart Advantage Competitive Advantage Quarterly Review is for companies who have completed the Smart Advantage Full Process and want to maintain a heightened focus on their newly discovered competitive advantages.

Reviews take place after the completion of the Smart Advantage Full Process or Remote Consulting Services. The focus lies in ensuring long term implementation and use of your new content.

  • Review data collection to ensure competitive advantage measurements stay current.
  • Evaluate and update your metrics to quantify your competitive advantage approach.
  • Create new marketing/sales statements based on your newly identified competitive advantages.
  • Update your website and marketing materials to feature competitive advantages.
  • Update your sales tools, sales scripts and any other support materials that your sales force use to help sell.

Each Competitive Advantage Review session is a full day at your location. The sessions will be facilitated by one or two Smart Advantage consultants working with your team responsible for implementing your Competitive Advantage work.

Please contact us at (954) 763-5757 to inquire about Competitive Advantage Quarterly Reviews.