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Make teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills into a Competitive Advantage for your company.

Smart Advantage is licensed to use and sell TTI’s DISC Assessment Profile, a tool that helps your team to improve their interpersonal communication and better understand the preferred work styles of their colleagues (and themselves).

The DISC Profile is one of the most respected and widely used personal assessment tools in the world, helping organizations of all sizes create better teamwork, minimize conflict, foster more creative and constructive interactions, and improve sales skills by identifying customers’ personality traits and preferred communication styles.

Smart Advantage consultants can help deliver a DISC Profile workshop that will make a noticeable improvement in the way your team communicates and interacts with each other – and with your customers. There is a minimum purchase of 10 DISC Profile Tests.

To learn more about our DISC Profile services, please contact Smart Advantage at (954) 763-5757.

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