Jaynie L. Smith, author of best-selling book Creating Competitive Advantage, will have a book signing this Saturday, February 20 at Hudson Booksellers located in the Main Terminal of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

Jaynie will sign books, and meet and greet with travelers starting at 2:30 pm. Hudson Booksellers ordered 40 books, so copies are on a first come first serve basis.  More information is available by contacting the store manager Luisa at (504) 443-3214.

A publication praised by CEOs the world over, Creating Competitive Advantage is in its ninth printing, and rights to the book have been sold internationally to publishers in five countries.  For companies looking to discover and promote the attributes that set it apart from competitors, this is a universally tried and true handbook

About Jaynie L. Smith and Smart Advantage, Inc.  
Jaynie L. Smith is founder of Smart Advantage, Inc, a consultancy dedicated to the competitive advantage process.  She has been a featured guest on ABC World News This MorningBloomberg News, and MSNBCdiscussing the Smart Advantage Process.

With more than 20 years experience with Fortune 500 companies and over 35,000 hours of CEO coaching, Jaynie has developed an easy-to-follow process for companies to understand, uncover, define, research, and edit their competitive advantages.

Smart Advantage has refined, expanded, and licensed this process and consults with companies from Fortune 500 to mid-size and small firms.  Companies that have used the Smart Advantage process have often experienced a 10 – 40% increase in their sales close rates within a 6-18 month time period.

For additional information please visit www.smartadvantage.com.

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