If you have been following our blogs and /or know our work through my books, you are aware that we are strong believers that you should provide customers with solid evidence that you can, with proof, deliver what they want.


I don’t mean that you can deliver the widget or the service you sell, but that you can deliver it, for example, on time, accurately, and with quick response times.


So many companies love to tout things like this:


  • 98% customer satisfaction
  • 95% of our customers would refer us


Those claims may get you a lead, but you still must build confidence and reduce risk to CLOSE IT.


We have experienced scores of companies who have been highlighting their awards, locally and family owned business, longevity or their high-profile client list. Through some double-blind research, they were dismayed to learn those attributes were not very valued by their customers. Often, they are stuck on their own perception of the importance of those things. They say “our clients tell us they choose us because we are locally owned.” Then when asked “are you the only “locally owned business they can choose?” the answer is invariably, “no.”


So, you may get a lead or two for that attribute, or from referral, but it won’t close the sale.


The bell ringer for closing is the solid evidence that you have been able to deliver what most of your buyers value for an extended period, proven with related metrics. It is the track record of evidence that will close the sale. You must build confidence and reduce risk so the buyer doesn’t feel like the choice they have to make is a crap shoot.


The referral or satisfaction score won’t win the deal if your value is not aligned with the top buying criteria of your customers and prospects; and cannot be supported with a history of metrics.

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