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Summer Sales Training
July and August – a few dates still available

Relevant Selling Workshop

Get your team ready to top their sales quotas—Learn Relevant Selling:


Very few salespeople fully understand the value of a selling message that is truly relevant to the buyer. Most want to sell what their company is good at or is known for, even if it is not relevant. Do you sell your history, family business record, employee tenure? Does the customer really care?


This seminar reveals a secret on how to not waste customer’s time with long tedious questions finding out what their “pain” is; instead by doing on site instant feedback. Solution selling and other sales trends rarely fit today’s needs. Attention spans are measured in seconds.


Today’s rapidly moving culture demands new ways of cutting through the fog and getting right to the point. This fast paced, half day workshop will show your sales team how to get to the bottom line in minutes and then sell what matters most.


The workshop will be delivered on site at your location to a maximum of 16 attendees per session. It will be taught by a Smart Advantage Sr. Consultant, complete with take home tools.


All attendees receive a copy of Relevant Selling. The workshop will reveal:


• How important relevant selling is today
• What most company’s sales teams neglect to highlight
• The impact of not being relevant means to your bottom line
• Different tools for accessing relevance quickly
• How to deliver your personal, customized sales message


Cost of Workshop for up to 16 attendees: $7,250 (Plus presenter travel reimbursement)

Contact us for more info at [email protected] or 954 763 5757

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