We review our client’s websites, as well as their competitors, to see how – and more importantly, if – they convey competitive advantages. After viewing hundreds of sites, we rarely find anything meaningful.


What is most prevalent is the latest trend in how to set up a website. Style for websites is beginning to feel like fashion industry hemlines. By changing hemlines each season, the clothing industry ensures more sales when the new look comes out. Styles in websites also are forever changing in efforts to ensure web designers continue to have a good funnel. So, the latest fads, and fads they are, is the sliding home page and /or video with a message that often conveys even less than the written copy.


Companies seem to be sold on the idea that they need the latest look. What appears to be driving many investments is the fact that more website are being viewed by cell and thus need to be cell-compatible. Granted, your website should not look dated, but as often is the case the “sliding banner home page” leaves most of us wondering why it is going so fast? Why are they showing me countless pictures? Why does it say the same thing as I have seen as every site I visited in their industry?


How do you react when you are trying to learn something about a company, and you encounter a website like that? All flash, no content. No good answer to “why should I buy from you?” visible anywhere. Sometimes we do see attempts to answer that question on sites, but the answers are often all clichés. They offer some version of this: “we are honest, believe in customer service, have experienced staff, put the customer first, blah, blah, blah” or, “we were founded by Uncle Jim 3 generations ago.” Doesn’t that just compel you to buy from them?


What is needed more than the current trend in look is the content that differentiates your company.


What relevant results do you have that you can convey to prospective buyers that make them want to go to the next step by contacting you? Are you hoping your “cool looking” site will be enough to bring in qualified leads? Don’t count on it. Attention spans for all us are waning at a rapid rate. Hook prospects right away with something they care about, and prove you are good at it. Get a strong ROI from your website investment by offering solid, relevant and measurable content.

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