I recently saw a TV ad for Quik Trip called “This is How We Roll” that really resonated with me. This is unusual, as I don’t usually eat at convenience stores, and I’m probably not the target market for the ad, but I think this TV spot illustrates some important points about relevant selling that other companies can learn from.

The ad shows a montage of moving tires, rims, and steaming hot dogs rotating on a griddle. The soundtrack is weirdly catchy and funky, with a techno/hip hop beat, and it positions the company as offering quick, convenient food for busy, on-the-go parents.

The voiceover says, “No time to mess with no four-course meal. Gotta blow, gotta go. Gotta get the kids to the…soccer field.”

This is interesting because it’s clearly positioning Quik Trip as a fast, no-frills dining option. They’re not trying to claim that Quik Trip is gourmet food; they’re saying something simple and believable and relevant to what customers are looking for: “Come to Quik Trip if you want to eat something fast.”

The voiceover goes on to say, “Dying over here…could eat my full leather steering wheel…need a meaty chill pill.” At the same time, the visual side shows a circling parade of taquitos and hot dogs.

Finally, the ad closes with a simple plea: “Think hot dogs. Think taquitos. Think Quik. Oh yeah.”

Here’s Why the Commercial Works:

  • It’s a good example of relevant selling. Quik Trip is trying to appeal to a very specific consumer mindset at a very specific moment in the day: “I’m driving in the car, taking the kids to soccer, I’m hungry, maybe I missed lunch, maybe I’m running late for dinner, and I need a quick snack.”
  • It’s highly focused. The ad is only selling two products: hot dogs and taquitos. They’re not trying to be all things to all people. They’re not trying to make Quik Trip food sound like something it’s not; they just saying, “Hey, if you’re hungry, come get a hot dog or taquito at Quik Trip – they’re hot and ready to eat!”
  • The creative doesn’t get in the way of the message. The ad is clever with its visual flourishes, thumping soundtrack and “serious businessman” voice – but the cleverness supports the message, rather than distracting from it. Every image and sound supports the central marketing message: “You’re on the go, you’re hungry, come to Quik Trip for easy, fast food.”

It must be hard to differentiate convenience stores. It’s a commodity business with lots of competition, and very little “brand loyalty.” Most people choose convenience stores based on, well, convenience – location, and often the price of gas on any given day.

Even if this ad doesn’t help Quik Trip against its other competitors in the convenience store market, it will help with the daily competition of making customers choose Quik Trip vs. not stopping at all. Quik Trip’s “competitor” is not just “other convenience stores,” it’s “other ways to eat” – with this ad, Quik Trip is trying to become top of mind instead of “bring a snack” or “wait till you get home” or “stop at the grocery store.”

Overall, I think this ad does a good job of relevant selling by positioning Quik Trip in the minds of customers. After someone sees this ad, perhaps the next time they’re feeling hungry while out running errands or picking up the kids, they’ll be more likely to stop at Quik Trip for some quick calories.

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