PROFIT Magazine’s Ian Portsmouth interviews Jaynie L. Smith for Business Coach Podcast Series

Jaynie L. Smith, author of best-selling book Creating Competitive Advantage (Doubleday), has been invited to interview with Canadian business publication PROFIT Magazine. Jaynie has previously been featured in PROFIT magazine in November 2008, within the article titled “The Biggest Lie in Business.”

No Competitive Advantage in Price War Brewing with Apple iPad and Hewlett-Packard Tablet

As highly-competitive manufacturers and retailers become lost in a sea of sameness in the eyes of consumers, it is up to the brand to catch the focus of consumers’ eyes and differentiate from competitors. Following the introduction of the Apple iPad, Hewlett-Packard began discussing setting prices on its anticipated PC version of a tablet to directly compete in price with…

Keynote Speaking Schedule for Smart Advantage CEO Jaynie L. Smith Increases Well into 2010

Companies across the nation have taken full advantage of booking Jaynie L. Smith as a keynote speaker, consultant, and a corporate workshop host for 2010. Jaynie and her consulting firm, Smart Advantage, Inc., assist organizations in identifying and implementing a proprietary competitive advantage process. The strategies executed are central to Jaynie’s best-selling business book, Creating Competitive Advantage.

Jaynie L. Smith’s Book, Creating Competitive Advantage, is the Talk of Business Professionals’ Blogs

Though Creating Competitive Advantage originally published in 2006, it recently had its 9th printing, proving it to be timeless. Even Business Blogs have picked up on how valuable the book is, and have noted it as providing understandable imperatives for organizations seeking to discover where they rise above their competition.

Bottom Line Magazine: Build Your Business in Bad Times – Without Slashing Prices

Business people often feel forced to lower their prices when the economy struggles or risk losing their increasingly cost-conscious customers. Fortunately, most customers do not make their buying decisions based primarily on price, even during recessions. They make their decisions based on value. To thrive in times such as these, you must convince customers and prospects that your company offers the best value, even if you do charge a slightly higher price. Here’s how…